Exploring the Pays Orthe and Arrigans region means discovering local produce!


A flagship product, the Adour kiwi shouldn’t be missed in Pays Orthe and Arrigans. Eat as many as you like of this top-quality fruit!

As the historic birthplace of the Adour kiwi, the Pays Orthe and Arrigans region has witnessed a cultural revolution in agriculture. In the Sixties when Henri Pédelucq brought this amazing vine back from New Zealand, he was the only one who believed in growing this new crop at small farms. It was not until 1992 that a high-quality designation was created with the Label Rouge (red label), and currently, there are 20,000 tons produced annually, 350 growers and 8 fruit-packing houses that export this fruit worldwide. In 2010, the Adour kiwi obtained a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Pollinized by bees and grown on pergola-shaped structures, this untreated fruit requires regular maintenance, as its branches can grow as much as 20 cm a day in June. Harvested in early November and after a few weeks of maturing in cold storage, you’ll find them at markets and shops all winter long as well as early springtime.

Whether in sorbet, jams, fruit juice or other desserts, summer is also a good time to taste Adour kiwis.  


Still an exceptional product, from Pyrenean mountain streams, wild salmon is caught in the Adour river. Maison Barthouil in Peyrehorade, founded in 1929, has made salmon its speciality and invites you to come learn about the salmon life cycle, their processing secrets, etc.

Pastis Landais Cake

A traditional Landes speciality dating back to the 19th century, pastis is a vanilla and rum-flavoured brioche dessert that you’ll find irresistible during your stay.

Tourtière Landaise

Another delicious speciality served everywhere in the Landes, the tourtière aux pommes (phyllo apple tart) is more than just a dessert or a recipe; it also requires real skill to make it.

Duck-based products

Foie-gras, duck breast and confit – is your mouth watering yet? You’ll find all these delicious duck-based products at our local farms, market stalls and even at local restaurants and farm inns!

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