The Kiwi Valley

At the crossroads of the Pays Basque (Basque country), Béarn mountains and beaches of the southern Landes, the Kiwi Valley region includes 24 towns in the Landes. Astride three different cultures with a rich architectural heritage and exceptional natural sites, the Kiwi Valleyregion will meet everyone’s expectations!

Gourmet food, registered historic sites, flower-filled vil­lages, cultural traditions and folklore, water sports, and walking paths make it a popular destination for fans of nature, history and tradition.

Come discover this diverse region at your leisure, meet the people of the Landes and share the spirit of southwestern France!

24 villages

The Kiwi Valley is marked by its location at the crossroads of the Landes coast, the Pays Basque and Béarn. It has a diverse architectural heritage, wonderful natural sites, and is also a dynamic rural region, both economically as well as culturally, with a strong sense of community.  

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